Monday, 28 August 2017

Interview With Robert Stanley

I first connected with Robert back in 2011 via Skype from Thailand to the US. Later on he moved to Hong Kong and we chatted again while I was in Bangkok. Then, by pure synchronicity I subsequently moved to an Island in Hong Kong that is literally minutes away from the Bay he lives on and we hooked up when time permitted and very pleasant it was too.

One thing about Robert's work and life journey that seperates him from most other researchers is that he's the only one to name the eye of the pyramid or rather if there really is an hierarchical control structure, then there must be an all seeing eye at the top in control. An individual if you wish.

Robert has a name for that being, and a back-story too which I don't think anybody else has articulated as cogently and persuasively as in Robert's case though he also comes  with first hand experience too. 

Having met him multiple times and at length I can vouch for his credibility.