Thursday, 29 June 2017

Targeted Individuals Testimony - Gangstalking | Bioethics Commission

To immerse oneself in the world of targeted individuals and gang stalking is to live in what most people would think is a science fiction future. I'm here to share with you it's real, documented, vicious and far more nuanced and complex than any single victim can convey. 

It's happening right now too.

For example I learned recently through research and first hand testimony there's a difference between voice to skull (V2S) and synthetic telepathy. I'm reluctant to explain that right now but happy to answer any questions through private messages.

About 24-18 months ago in Thailand over a series of Skype calls I realised one of my oldest friends had become a targeted individual. At first I thought it was paranoia on her part, but eventually the tell tale signs and cold hard testimony could no longer be ignored.

I couldn't believe I now knew somebody who was a victim, and suspected that possibly my activism work might be a connection? However I'm now fairly certain that my close friend came too close to criminal underworld elements through a boyfriend, and so this confirms that the technology has leaked from the intelligence agencies, to corporations to criminal elements as has been documented elsewhere.

Very few people believe a targeted individual as we're trained to respond that a person is insane or schizophrenic if they start to share their experiences. However I urge you to listen to the Bioethics Commission testimony above that I first mentioned many years ago and now have to revisit because as is self evident, the chairwoman Amy Gutmann did fuck all to stick her neck out for thousands of victims across the USA and now it's spreading globally.

You owe it to yourself to do the work above before making snap judgements. The program is so pernicious that when a TI gets on the list it's almost impossible to get off it. 

Otherwise the perpetrators have to admit their crimes, and the creeps at SIS and CIA don't do that.

We now have to wait for the justice-technology to catch up with the abusers technology. In the mean time I've learned a lot about techniques to lend succour to those whose lives are a living fucking hell.