Monday, 9 March 2015

Naomi Wolf on Fake News, False Flags & Crisis Actors

Naomi Wolf is taking a great risk here as It's inconceivable to consumers that large scale events like Boston Bamboozle and Sandy Hoax are synthetic, with Government/State collaboration and considerable use of well remunerated crisis actors.

However for those with their critical thinking still intact try to find a Sandy Hook pupil photo from between Jan 1 to Dec 1 2012 (it was already shut down) and watch the Boston Bombing with someone who knows the difference between a smoke bomb and a real one (Hint the real one works like the second photo below unlike the crisis actor currently creaming it with lucrative Hollywood style books and celebrity appearances (only days after losing his legs) in the first picture here.

Crisis Actor (Amputee War Veteran)

Real Bomb Victim