Monday, 12 August 2013

@Maddow Soaks It Up For The Establishment

Ultimately Rachel Maddow is a self-necrotizing establishment shill for the Pentagon. You may like her auto-cue reading recommendations for 9/11 such as the widely ridiculed 9/11 commission report and the 'easy to read' official comic book produced for brain damaged corporate media consumers. 

You might even not want to know the evidence if you're too busy with sports and celebrities to do the real work.

I find Rachel's (where have I heard that name before?) inability to criticize the warmongering Pentagon and the genocidal Zionists as obnoxious as anything FOX news pumps out.

I know people who love her. 

I think they're just as feeble minded as those who lap up the vomit Sarah Palin or Bill O'Reilly spit out on Murdoch's right wing propaganda channels.