Sunday, 5 February 2012

Pentagon Threatens To Sue Project Camelot - Camelot's Response? Bring It On

I'm not a huge fan of Kerry's interview technique, her ego since Project Camelot snowballed is irritating. However never let anyone say she hasn't got the balls to tell the elite parasitical institutions (such as the Pentagon) currently bringing the US down to go f**k themselves. Kerry Cassidy understands like every other stand-up person knows that the more they persecute and threaten her, the faster the people are waking up because of the attention it creates. Google Analytics for example tells me more people have checked out the Project Camelot videos since breaking the Bill Woods (nee Brockbrader) story.

We're already at a tipping point. It's called digital accretion and the rules are different to the broadcast media brainwashing game. Even we're not sure exactly how it will look when the bubble bursts. Over the last few years we've watched how underground topics and the conversations on the dirtiest military industrial complex's secrets are spilling out like wet deer guts hanging on a door knob while we clean wipe our hunting knife on our trousers.

The lady in this interview Eva corroborates Bill Brockbrader's testimony that the US government encourages Navy Seals to commit sexual crimes on innocent women in the US so that they can subsequently blackmail them into being paid killers for the terrorist creation programs abroad.

We encourage more of you to come forward than just Bill Brockbrader. That is Navy Seals who feel they can't talk because of past transgressions. We wont judge so harshly those who do, but those who don't come forward in time, wont ever have a chance to tell their side of the story once the King on the chess board is tipped over. By that time we wont know if you're trying to save your skin or trying to help. Word.

What's going on in Vegas aint staying in Vegas any more.