Monday, 2 January 2012

How To Ship An Atomic Bomb Badly - The Tragedy Of U.S.S Indianapolis

This era of incredible openness and transparency through the internet is yielding daily proof of the greatest crimes of historical manipulation ever committed. Renegade historian Douglas Dietrich was a document destroyer at the prestigious Royal Presidio Naval Base of San Francisco and got to see the information the State doesn't want us to know about. I found his information so confrontational at first it left me bewildered but intrigued enough to listen one more time and instead of finding gaps I found greater and stronger consistency in his whistle blowing that anyone can verify the facts online or by interacting through his Facebook page.

This interview is about the U.S.S. Indianapolis that shipped the Atomic bomb to be used on Japan. It's tame compared to much of his work, but I don't want to overwhelm people to early on. In my view the man is a hero.