Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Die Glocke Projekt - Dr. Joseph Farrell (The SS Brotherhood Of The Bell)

Currently I'm most interested in the cross over between Dr Joseph P. Farrell's work and Douglas Duane Dietrich on the subject of Nazi Germany's acquisition and testing of an atomic weapon at the end of the war. Both provide different sets of evidence for this and it's worth considering why that story was never told and the ongoing implications of that secrecy. In this interview with Dr. Farrell on Coast To Coast AM the topic of discussion is the Nazi Bell project which points towards not entirely unsuccessful experiments in field effect propulsion or anti gravity if you wish.

Here's a (slightly snarky) review of his book on Amazon. Dr. Joseph's command of the topic as you can hear in the interview above is masterful so I think it's OK to use this as his meticulous work stands up for itself. If you prefer German I've cut and paste a German description below the English because we won the war (just kidding).

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell's The SS Brotherhood of the Bell continues the author's work - brought out in the Giza trilogy and the "Reich of the Black Sun" - advocating that the general public has been deceived by its leaders for the better part of the 20th Century, and that the deception has been exacerbated in the new century. 

Dr. Farrell's contention is that there is an alternative doctrine of physics that - if studied and understood by experts and laymen - provides a general set of explanations for a variety of mysteries in our world such as UFOs. At the risk of grossly mis-stating the author's explanation, it seems to me that this "ether physics" is based broadly on the notion that our very environment is alive with energy rather than objects within the environment being the source of energy. The most notable result of this theory is that an object would be able to move through the environment by creating shifts in the ether. Call it whatever you wish, but this caused me to simplify the theory down to magnetic power... 

Central to his premise is also the need to accept that - if ether physics are valid - then there has been a systematic and prolonged effort by those in power to hide this information from us. And, further accepting the credo that "knowledge is power" as the justification for such actions, one is directed by the author towards the conclusion that a worldwide entity larger than any single government is manipulating matters. 

Dr. Farrell contends that ether physics is not a new theory. In fact, in his earlier books on the pyramids at Giza being sources of ether-physics-related power, this science is virtually antediluvian. It was, however, Nazi Germany and its links to the occult that caused resurgence in experimentation into ether physics in terms of its military potential. While discussing various technologies - as he did in his earlier book Reich of the Black Sun - the center-piece of this book is an alleged experiment that is more-or-less eponymous with the title of this book. 

The bare details are this: the Germans were experimenting with high speed magnetic rotation of various elements. The results of these experiments are mysterious, deadly and, in some cases, contradictory, depending upon references. Core to this part of the story is published material from a Polish researcher named Igor Witkowski. He claims to have accessed documents that were held in the former German Democratic Republic but are now being accessed with the collapse of Communism. It is Witkowski's work - also cited heavily in Nick Cook's The Hunt for Zero Point - that is the basis for the bell-related information in Farrell's book. 

All concerned conclude their stories with the scientific equipment and records being taken by SS Obergruppenfuehrer Hans Kammler, a real person who had virtual total control of the German secret programs in the 1944/1945 timeframe. But, with Witkowski and Cook are somewhat vague about what happened with the end of World War two, Farrell is adamant in his belief that Kammler and other former regime members were able to cut deals with all the allied powers and, in doing so, were able to establish themselves as an extra-national entity that operates to this day.

Dr. Farrell continues on to presents his view that the entity that is controlling and manipulating the post-modern world is dominated by a "next-generation" Nazis who have taken over the older more established behind the scenes New World order groups such as the Illuminati, the Council on Foreign Relations and Skull and Bones. The author states that Bush, pere and fils, along with John Kerry are either willing accomplices or subjugated dupes.

Auf Deutsch:

Above Top Secret: Ultrageheime Technologie des Dritten Reichs jenseits der Vorstellungskraft.

Was hat es mit der geheimnisumwobenen „Glocke" auf sich?

1945 verließ ein geheimes Hightech-Waffenprojekt mit dem Codenamen „Die Glocke" seinen unterirdischen Bunker in Niederschlesien -- und mit ihr Hans Kammler, Viersterne-General der SS. An Bord eines riesigen sechsmotorigen Ultralangstreckenflugzeugs vom Typ Junkers 390 verschwanden die Glocke, Kammler und sämtliche Projektunterlagen für immer von der Bildfläche. Ging dieser Flug nach Amerika oder nach Argentinien? 

Der Großteil der Wissenschaftler und Techniker, die an diesem Projekt gearbeitet hatten, wurden im Vorfeld von der SS kaltblütig ermordet. So verschwand eine Geheimwaffe, die laut einem deutschen Physik-Nobelpreisträger die Einstufung als „kriegsentscheidend" erhalten hatte -- eine Sicherheitseinstufung, die höher lag als alle anderen Geheimwaffen des Dritten Reichs, höher sogar als die Atombombe.

Welche bahnbrechenden physikalischen Geheimnisse waren mit der Glocke verbunden? Um sie zu schützen, scheuten überlebende Nazis jedenfalls auch nach dem Krieg keine Mittel. 

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, spezialisiert auf die Erforschung wenig dokumentierter Aspekte in Wissenschaft und Geschichte, enthüllt in diesem Buch eine unfassbare Reihe exotischer Technologien, die im Dritten Reich erforscht wurden. Er wirft damit ein neues, verstörendes Licht auf die gängige Sichtweise über den Ausgang des Zweiten Weltkrieges -- aber auch auf den Roswell-Vorfall und MAJIC-12, das mysteriöse Geheimteam der amerikanischen Regierung zur Untersuchung von UFOs.