Monday, 12 September 2011

Mz Muggzi Interviews Stewart Swerdlow

I've had my differences with Stewart Swerdlow. First I loved him, then I didn't. I went off him because I know he was at Montauk and subjected to some of the worst excesses of the MKULTRA mind control projects in the 60's and 70's. 

I couldn't understand how he could go through that process and yet still have American imperialist political punditry in his repertoire. How could he be 'firmly' pro Israel, anti-Iran and basically in step with the Council of Foreign Relations. It's just so incongruous for a man to know so much illuminati stuff and yet not really be wary of how much of that mechanism has been responsible for the suffering caused by stoking up tensions between ultra orthodox Jewish ideology and Shiite Islam given how bad BOTH of them are at a theological political and pragmatic level of action. 

However Mz Muggzi is a lovely interviewer and so I gave his latest interview a try and it is first class. The two have very different views on 2012, ascension and all that New Age stuff that is both fascinating and littered with manipulation and bullshit. I think they both came out of it well and though I'm still wary of how Stewart can reveal so much without being eliminated unless there's an agenda to his shtick,  it's still inarguably first class information to those like me who accept that Reptilians for example are a very real part of our ancient past and to some extent a part of our present. Most stunning is that Stewart concludes exactly the same as George Kavassilas that though there are benevolent beings who wish to assist humanity in ridding ourselves of our parasitic hosts, they too have an agenda that while much more preferable to our current unwanted guests, is still a control paradigm in itself that is not the purest of humankind's potential for intellectual and spiritual emancipation. So neither he nor George are selling an ology or an ism.

Ultimately he has a very down to Earth and pragmatic message. We gotta recognise we're being manipulated for ourselves and we should question the value of all outside intervention in the long term. Let's see. It's going to be an interesting twelve months. Here are my earlier posts on Stewart.

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