Monday, 6 February 2012

The Men Who Stare At Goats

I wrote this elsewhere but it is something I wanted to touch on as I've researched the subject of remote viewing recently. The movie is a a much more provocative film than many realised. Scientific remote viewing is seen to the uninitiated as voodoo yet it is proven to be more accurate than satellite imagery. The question that lingers with the thoughtful viewer, remains why isn’t this kind of science taught at schools and universities?  Well, it's because the military don’t want humans to know that we are all gifted to some extent with these powers and so if a little research is done into the subject it pushes forward other questions like what else does our scientific materialist establishment not want us to know? MKULTRA? MILABS? Human genetic experiments? Underground bases? Undersea bases and that’s six months research there into a reality that is concealed from humans by a group of people who understand fully the power of parapsychology, occultism, numbers and symbols like the Pentagon shape for example. You know, that funny building that the military designed their HQ around and which usually sits inside a Pentagram.

In plain sight it’s known as to observers on the net. It's a mind control issue as so many people can't see what the problem is. Those same people usually watch a lot of TV and commercials telling them free trade and free speech is the American way.

The obsession with the esoteric by the establishment is clearly seen by googling Washington D.C. and masonic layout. A typical symptom of mind control or permitting one's reality to be painted by corporatised media is that very same evidence of satanic occultism in the heart of the nation's capital often raising very little objection even when odd wars keep emerging in strange countries nobody really thought too much about before. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil works both ways doesn't it.

One of the anomalies of the unit that did the remote viewing and other paranormal techniques is their unusual temperament. You can see Ingo Swann on Youtube for yourself and establish that the movie would have been too disruptive if it dealt with the issues in a humourless manner. 

It was a smart move to turn towards comedy (to get round the censors), but make no mistake it's a serious movie. Clooney is saying to a thoughtful public. Go ahead, dig around. This is for real and so the slavish attachment to iPhones and iPads or the delusion that CERN Large Hadron Collider is going to save the day and give people their own teleportal devices (when we're still using fossil fuel tech mobility - no chance) is merely to distract humans from knowing what is going on at the big boys level and yet still, most people think this movie is an accompaniment to popcorn.

I haven’t even touched on the topics that are so far leftfield that most people would prefer they weren’t mentioned if brought up in conversation. I'm only describing what happens in real life.