Sunday, 18 September 2011

Independent Sources Confirm Benjamin Fulford

A couple of weeks ago Benjamin Fulford posted that some secret underground bases in the U.S. had been taken out by nuclear weapons. The seismic data  backed him up and leans more towards a large underground bomb than a weird Virginia earthquake, but now David Wilcock's insider contacts have confirmed Benjamin's story and so it grows in momentum. It's worth considering that these underground bases are the final place of refuge for extinction level events or even planned catastrophe if population cull theories are taken seriously. They are for the rich, the powerful and the absolutely necessary, yet they are paid for by the ordinary people who are largely unaware.

The bases have been best researched by Richard Sauder. They are are like underground cities and designed to be populated for long periods at a time so it's increasingly possible a shift in power is taking place if the privileges are being blown up. Also the rest of Fulford's story gains credence and as that part is economic people might pay it closer attention then before. The audio interview by David Wilcock is here.