Saturday, 3 September 2011

Gravity, UFOs, & Mars - Dr. John Brandenburg, James McCanney

Probably the finest science radio show I've ever listened to. I loathe the stupidity and myopia of materialist science fetishism as it is a straitjacket for true scientific inquiry as typified by the Higgs Boson slaves who are unable to know what gives it mass should they discover the Higgs Boson (that gives mass to other sub atomic particles).

It's instructive that shows like Coast To Coast and Internet Sites like The Onion are some of the most honest and progressive media apertures in the United States. Naturally they're consider marginal or unimportant by heavyweights that lie depending on the agenda. That includes august papers like the New York Times from time to time.

Update: The original video was removed. The replacement isn't much good but you can do your own search and see if anything quality has been uploaded.