Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Earth Crustal Shift (Bangkok On Siberia)

The claims made in this interview are going to be proved right or wrong quite quickly so the Andromeda council stuff is in a category of it's own. However, when I was researching how Bangkok was going to fare during earth crustal shift or pole shift, (from Nibiru or Elenin) whatever way I cut the data, it looked like Bangkok was heading North West which disappointed me because I love the heat. The chap in this interview confirms this and even locates Bangkok in the same place as I've read from different sources. Somewhere in the old Siberia (Siberia moves to Portugal roughly speaking)

I'm still not convinced of this source but the earth crustal shift data correlates with my earlier research and  it seems my attempt to ignore these scenarios keeps telling me that it's not over yet. Then I think about things like the entire Burmese government relocating inland and actually Bangkok Government has done the same though less dramatically. I will write about that shortly as it's interesting and under reported.