Saturday, 24 September 2011

David Hatcher Childress - Moon Anomalies

I've playfully mocked David Hatcher Childress for his brilliant cartoon voice. If given the chance I'd write a character into Family Guy for him tomorrow. However he's one of the most accomplished researchers in my book and if you watch him regularly on the Ancient Aliens season he always manages to bring something to the table in the short bursts they give their experts unlike some of the more telegenic presenters who could be scripted or have swotted up ten minutes before hand (well that's the impression I get).

So this video caught my eye as it was done some time ago and I've never associated David with lunar anomalies but not only is his presentation seemingly ahead of the game to other researchers I've relied on to date but he nails the critical points that have led me to somewhat awkwardly conclude (not assert, conclude) that the Moon was consciously put into place at a very specific point of orbit around the planet Earth. I along with many many other people are a whole lot more sceptical than the gullible scientific materialists who accept blindly without question that the moon and the sun occupy the same proportionally sized real estate in the sky by coincidence. Furthermore nobody from the established science corner will take me on in a debate. Which is odd because all I know can be learned in half an hour.

Without even going into the numbers which drill down into the subject, or the unique motion for a moon which doesn't rotate but faces the planet from the same side like a giant CCTV camera keeping a perma-eye on things, I don't buy NASA or Wired Magazine's explanation that it's a coincidence. 

P.W. Bridgeman describes a coincidence as what you have left over from a bad theory.

Most people get a little confused about the moon landing debate so allow me to briefly complexify that discussion in order to clear it up. The landings both happened and were filmed separately for reasons I can only guess at. But film it separately they did. More posts on that over here.