Monday, 26 September 2011

Channelling Tibet With The Dalai Lama


Not a lot of people know that the Dalai Lamma consults with spirits from the Tibetan pantheon through an oracle or through channelling or a medium if you like. There are differences and there's a reason that channelling gained a specific name separate from psychic or medium by Jane Roberts who created the term through her contact with Seth starting in 1964.

My thinking on the subject of channelling came around the time I began to read some material that I only realised after the fact was channelled. It was so clean (that's the only way I can describe it) I stayed up till four in the morning going through the archives looking for a mistake or some discrepancy I could satisfactorily terminate the subject, but I couldn't. So on top of being the kind of guy who can stand my ground in quantum mechanic debates with top physicists (a lot easier than you would think, you only need to know three things) I also included two or three channelled sources for information which is when I realised that channelling was portrayed as ridiculous long before I understood what it was. 

I think the ridiculing is orchestrated by the same groups who as I've repeatedly demonstrated are well into their occult but drill home to the uninitiated that only the empirical is of value. Over and over again we see that corporate media sells a message of scientific materialism (and most are so brainwashed they are lost till the bitter end) and yet the real string pullers of power know their occult and mysticism far better than most would suspect. My point is that an idea I used as a joking term. i.e. "I'm channelling Kevin Spacey" and so forth had been ridiculed and undermined long before I even knew what it was and my working premise is that most of you don't know what it is either.

Like all good wannabe generalists I don't base my decisions on one source alone and there's a brilliant bit in this highly personal Dalai Lama documentary where he makes it clear his relationship to this kind of information, and talks about the interdependence of all things and so if it's good enough for the Dalai Lama it's good enough for me. I pick an choose what feels right and a bit of channelled information has taken me way further than I could have imagined a year ago when it was a term I ignorantly aped for ridicule. But like life, it's also a minefield.

This documentary is well worth watching just for the intimacy and frankness that the Dalai Lama shares, as well as the ideas such as if conciousness is not understood by science why would we undermine that which belongs outside the traditional realm of the subject?

That's a logic bomb if you missed it.

Here's the Youtube blurb: Cloaked in secrecy for over 400 years, the State Oracle of Tibet has been a strange and mystical aspect of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. This ancient spirit, which has inhabited a succession of thirteen human mediums, advises the Dalai Lama on matters of public and religious policy. To witness the eerie spectacle of a medium entering a trance state and being possessed by the Oracle is to confront profound questions about the very nature of human consciousness.