Friday, 23 September 2011

Blade Runner - Phillip K. Dick

I watched Blade Runner for the first time last night as part of the 'movie classics I've managed to miss season' I'm going through. I understand now why it's a cult movie. Originally I was only curious about watching Science Fiction which is not my genre of movie making because I'm seriously interested in Phillip K. Dick's unique life which seems to have had a living (nightmare?) time-shift quality to it that reveals clues to questions I'm pursuing today. 

However the movie stand's up on it's own two feet as superb story telling, quality acting and outstanding dystopian scenery from not too far away for us now in 2011. The direction also feels like it inspired Wong Kar Wai's entire career to date. I've included the final deleted scene below because it's so extraordinarily close to the ending of Tron Legacy that I watched recently.