Thursday, 21 July 2011

Split Conciousness & Bicameralism

I don't mind admitting I'm wrong as long as I can learn and can move on to the next level, so I'm going to share this latest interview with James Horak who states clearly that the Anunnaki are fictitious. He makes no elaboration on that apart from the a point I too have questioned, which is how would complex life evolve on Planet Nibiru with so little essential exposure to our sun?

I imagine there's a more nuanced solution to the puzzle than the materially substantial ancient cuneiform clay tablets he classifies as fictitious but as this interview is stuffed full of explosive information on the big cosmic picture I'm happy to share it and concede I may well be mistaken though I don't believe I'm totally misled. The last two days of catching up on material has been extraordinary and a much more complex control paradigm is emerging. I can't imagine anyone who is new to this information could handle more than a few minutes of it.