Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Ariane Huffington 'n Me

A near miss aborted landing with Obama and Biden's wives on route from New York to Andrews Air Force Base tied in neatly with the whole U.S. air traffic controller info wars in the US media and looking like a perfect stage piece warm up for air travel Hegelian dialectics.

So I noticed the great American consumer was as one expects from operational Hegelian dialectics, completely polarised on the issue, and so I waded in with some light working wisdom

I do my best:

“Apparently the plane subsequent­ly crashed into a very large skyscraper that disintegra­ted at near gravity free fall because of the intense heat melting steel and pulverisin­g concrete. They took all the rubble evidence away but miraculous­ly Michelle's fire resistant and shock proof passport was found poking through the burning rubble and pools of thermite melted steel, proving that the person who is alleged to be in this story is a clone of the First Lady and another likely factor in the birther saga.”