Monday, 2 January 2012

Rupert Murdoch Joins Twitter

The epitome of hypocrisy for me is to whine about the system and then take part in it with a home delivery pizza and a couple of beers. Rupert Murdoch has been a back-room king-maker in British politics, such that I'm unsure if many even know the extent to which his media empire influences not just the outcome of elections but the policy that is formed prior to that. I always had the same feelings about the British faux  bereavement of Lady Diana Spencer who ostensibly died because of the hounding of the tabloids and was thus subject to flowers being thrown by the same people who subsequently returned to the tabloids that fuelled the paparazzi chases in the first place.

Adam Curtis is doing something very interesting with BBC archive footage. Rather than just one man doing an excellent job with access to old film, the BBC should open up this national treasure more widely. I understand there is more film of John Allegro who I blogged about the other day which researcher friends of mine are unable to access even though the topic of mycology related subjects is going to mushroom as a theme in the near future. In the mean time please enjoy Mr Curtis doing what he does best on the internet: 

Archive BBC blogging about a character that to my mind profits from the people who most deserve him while staring at the SKY.