Monday, 21 February 2011

Dark Side of the Moon

I had one of the best weekends I've had for ages. Nothing too specific as I'm philosophically happy with much of  life at the moment, but it just seemed that everything was in harmony. I did a lot of jobs that I'd put off for far too long, got rid of more stuff that I don't need, met some terrific people who are comfortable talking about the kind of things I find interesting without choking over the pasta and chardonnay, and I even got some exercise in and watched a couple of great movies.

But the real leap I've been waiting close to 40 years for. I've been looking at the moon all my life and have always felt there is something provocative yet also uber tranquil about it. There was always a sort of mild taunt in its presence which I couldn't articulate. Well, while I may not have secured the answer to the question I realised this weekend that there is a question I must know the answer to. 

That might not seem all that exciting but knowing there is a question is significant progress and so I've added a Lunar Widget to the blog to celebrate the event on the right of this post. With elegant symmetry of timing, a comprehensive post has also been written in the last few hours that covers most of the questions that helped me get to mine.  Don't read it if keeping an open mind is too disruptive and paradigm challenges are too upsetting. 

There are questions raised that I've spent many more hours than most and which I can't secure a conclusion on. Then there's my question to answer now which will probably take another 40 years if the past is any indicator of the future.

By chance while studying solar system moons I learned that Iapetus is uncannily like George Lucas' death star. Which chimes oddly with my synchronicity post from way back.