Monday, 21 June 2010

Scheduled Vs Unscheduled Content

Sometimes we get a bit bogged down with which pipes the content is delivered on or what screen it's going to be viewed with. It's true that you can tell a lot from the contextual variables for enjoyment based on that but in principle the single largest differentiator in terms of value for video content is scheduled versus unscheduled. The reason for that was brought home again listening to you lot on Twitter talking about how rubbish the last episode of LOST was.

I should thank you for that. I don't watch many TV shows and even films are a struggle outside of a movie theatre but I make an effort to download something I keep hearing about so I can keep an eye on TV culture. 

Even though LOST was obviously a bit contrived at points (how many fit babes can you fit on a beach?) I was into the second series and doubting if that was a wise investment of time but you nailed it for me by saving me having to endure all of the series only to be disappointed at the end. 

Though it was interesting to make a note of you scheduled types because apart from it being more expensive to watch it's also a lot more sociable in that format. Which is what I mean by scheduled versus unscheduled. TV was often a lot more social than we gave it credit for. Do you remember the next day when Del Trotter famously leaned on a non existent bar in Only Fools and Horses? Everybody was miming it weren't they. It was so funny and so memorable.

The wire is different though YO! I love the characters and script writing  in it (You feel me?).

So if you have any other must see tips I'd love to know what is culturally important and maybe why you think that too would be great.