Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Friendfeed & Twitter

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While I was locked out of Twitter I noticed that the only way I could check on it was through Friendfeed. Which was interesting because somebody also noticed that and tried to change the password on it thus revealing just a little bit more than I knew before.

Moving on because the lesson learned was a good one that I want to write about and which links directly into Johanna's analogue experiment. I only really grasped this while 'offline'. I've not really cracked Friendfeed as a utility yet outside of that. I use it as an RSS aggregator I can pipe into some other places such as Facebook. Either way I could probably just get by on Friendfeed now I know its me-media footprint size which is huge, but you know how it is when trying anything new out; there's only so much time that we can get to explore them properly although I have in this case worked out what a useful tool it is for at least seeing what is going on when deprived of some other staple feeds. I might one day figure out the difference between that and my identi.ca

Or does anyone know the critical difference? Thanks to all of you who are open minded enough to check out Rejaw with me too and I'm also looking into HelloTxt which is all pretty tedious I'm sure but I've been doing the grunt work of signing up for stuff for so long now it's a chore I just get on with. As indeed I need to for my Myspace account which you're quite entitled to keep but may as well just change the email back and we can all just put it behind us. Some good came out of it too.