Sunday, 20 July 2008

Trouble at mill

I just found out that maybe the last two weeks posts didn't make it out to you through Dynamo London's post over here. It has to be down to me meddling with Feedburner (Does this mean I'm a geek?) a while back and if it wasn't for them or Sam I'd be posting away oblivious to the technical problems. I hoped I've fixed it but you could do me no better a favour than leave a comment or drop me a mail here if this post feeds your RSS reader. That would be great. Thanks


  1. nope. none. nada. nul. zip.

    try again buddy.

  2. This maybe explains why the photos was cut off at the waist.

  3. I knew we'd get round to this at some point Doddsy. I've a full frontal shot lurking on the drive. Lovely lass, I can tell you.

  4. All signed up now! Thanks for your personal response.

    dynamo london