Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Lifestyle Advertising

I was reminded of Rob's recent post on lifestyle advertising when I passed by these posters last week, because the people responsible for this kind of stuff evidently have no style and even more scarily, no life whatsoever. I'm hoping someone who can read Chinese might enlighten me on the copy. So bad it's good really. The first pic is worth an enlarged click in case any talent companies are on the lookout for some people in need of help; both clients and erm the talent.


  1. The copy of the first and second picture says "I love my home." The third one is "harmonic society."

    While the talents are a sight to behold, I have no idea why the couples are holding a pineapple.

  2. Good god - someone's interfering with the subjects of pictures #1 and #2 off-camera

  3. Harmonic society?

    That sounds like they're talking about the fucking Clangers.

    Who writes/thinks like this???

    [Yes, I know the translation issue doesn't reflect the subtleties of the native language - but seriously, HARMONIC SOCIETY???]

  4. Hey 張玫 thanks for that. I checked your blog out. Looks like some neat Chinese poetry you got going on there.

    Oldvic. Molesting the talent from behind is how the naturally surprised look is captured best. Cattle prods were used in this instance.

    Steady on Rob. It could have harmonious society! How's ya Chinese after a couple of years in Singapore ha :)

  5. Don't you mean Singlish?

    It's easy, I just pretend I'm drunk and hey presto, I'm fluent. ;)

  6. Between you me and the internet Rob. I think a hardcore Singlish accent is the Brummy of Asia. Not the sweetest on the ear ;)

  7. "The Brummy Of Asia" ... genius.