Friday, 28 March 2008


There, that got your attention didn't it?

Today is Friday and I know you're all just gagging to labour away on some spreadsheets to quantify the unquantifiable. So to ease the pain, we (note the use of the Royal we, which we invoke if only to mock the rapidly aging farts at Wallpaper) are giving away some stunning Chinese prizes including a genuine post cultural-revolution antique - OK so its only mid 80's but a lot of cultural stuff got wiped out during those times and so its the real deal.

First prize originates from a rare film import of a Charles Bronson Movie that escapes me for the time being pictured below.

Second prize is a Super XXL Chairman Mao T Shirt which is actually something we don't see too much of here in China. What with him being 70% good and 30% bad.

In order to win these fabulous prizes, shipped to any GPS position on the planet (including Nottingham) all you have to do is answer the following Olympic question in the cleverest or funniest way possible. The question is for the Olympic 'tag line' pictured below:

What is the dream?

Entries in the comments section please, with the winner and runner up to be chosen by next Monday 9.00 AM GMT. No use of the official explanation will be accepted. What with it being so profoundly unprofound.


  1. the "one dream" is actually a derivitive of heidigger's idea of one global spirit to which we're all connected, thus rendering individualist or ego-based decisions useless. the "dream" is the corresponding global subconscious, represented in visual form.

  2. To never be like Nottingham?

  3. That Man U will win something again this year?

  4. For a free Tibet*

    (*For OAPs and Under 18's, all others charged at RMB100)

  5. You do realise they're pretty much the lyrics to Queen's "One Vision".

    How fucking sad am I for knowing that. You can tell I'm from Nottingham eh!

  6. Oi ... answer Mr M's question!

  7. OK OK the winner by a county mile is Lauren even if I have a Kierkegaardian problem with Hegelian philosophy and its attempt to encapsulate everything when its all bloody contextual. The runner up is Doddsy but only by a few minutes ahead of Rob Campbell as they both came to the same answer.


  8. Gimme a break. You wuz lame...and late ;)

  9. I am affronted by your comparison of my fully formed line to the ramblings of a deluded planner.